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formule pour aborder une conversation difficile
Coming Out Communication

Difficult Conversations

Do you remember the last time you were freaking out before jumping into a delicate conversation, which turned into an argument, and you ended up thinking: “I knew it! I should have kept it to myself!”? A Classic Scenario…

Le Blogue d'Hypatia


I’ve been thinking for a while about creating a blog about polyamory the day I’d consider myself a pro. The day I would be knowledgeable enough for other to benefit from my hard-earned experience and wisdom in non-monogamy. But…

red flag
Breakup and Transitions Communication

Red Flag!

Relationships are complicated, and finding the right people that fit for ourselves and our polycule is a challenge. At the beginning of the relationship, when you are under the influence of New Relationship Energy, a person you have just…